Announcing the release of our brand new album, Lifted!

"Lovely, lush harmonies, easy to take songs, great playing throughout - when I hear the muse strike Lori and Fred here on 'Lifted' I'm reminded why it's so wonderful to call them friends. One listen to this album and you'll want to be their friend too."
Vance Gilbert - Touring Songwriter

"Lifted, the new CD by Lori Diamond and Fred Abatelli left me with the same impression as their live performance: Great song after great song, beautifully sung and played."
- Charlie Farren - Touring Songwriter & Front Man for Farrenheit & Joe Perry Project

"Lori and Fred bring a sophistication and artistry to their new CD "Lifted". Lori's sensitive vocals and piano with Fred's excellent guitar work bring a spirit to these thoughtful new meditations."
- Michael Johnson - Hit Songwriter

Hear Samples from "Lifted"

Emote, Create, Inspire, Connect, Expand, Soothe, Uplift.... These intentions are the basis of their music. Lori Diamond & Fred Abatelli skillfully combine thoughtful, provocative lyrics with soulful vocals and seasoned musicianship. They playfully refer to their original style as "a gentle but passionate exploration of Folk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and Pop". If you appreciate meaningful music with eloquence, substance and style then look no further.


"Lori and Fred are a very polished and highly musical outfit that appeal to a wide range of audiences."
- John Gorka, Recording Artist

"Diamond's voice is mesmerizing, and her piano work is enhanced by the eminently subtle guitar work of Abatelli. True shows a duo continuing to improve on a chemistry and shared musical vision that had previously proven quite rare."
- Wildy Haskell /

"What struck me, besides the wonderful musicianship, was how present they were: with the audience and with the songs...they were a pleasure to watch and to hear."
- David Tamulevich / The Roots Agency,Tamulevich Artist Management



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